Healthier Longer Lives 




The Healthier Longer Lives international conference will: showcase innovations from around the world that are improving the health of people with serious mental illness; present new scientific advances; raise awareness of effective interventions; engage partners in other fields; and create a space to inspire investment in and implementation of best-practices.



  • Objective: Give scientists, researchers, policymakers, government officials, professionals in areas beyond mental health that are intimately connected to promoting health (e.g., social care, housing), health ministries, NGOs, and people living with serious mental illness from high, middle and low-income countries a convening platform to exchange information and ideas

  • Objective: Create a network/coalition of multi-stakeholders

  • Objective: Emphasize the need for public/private investment

  • Objective: Create a roadmap for implementing best-practices





The Conference will result in:

  • increased awareness of the public health challenge posed by SMI and comorbidities

  • an expanded understanding of key factors beyond the mental health system (e.g., public health policy, health care financing, and housing) that dramatically impact health of people with SMI

  • a platform to define the need for coordinated global and national action for healthier and longer lives for people with SMI

  • a better understanding of governments’ primary role and responsibility in responding to the challenge of SMI

  • commitments from participants to take action on implementing best practices and initiating needed research, within a set timeframe

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